Marc's Ark Marc & Michele McCoy

Our Great Loop Adventure 

Special Thank You to Everyone

The Ark did turn right against the current and traveled the 350 statue miles from Grafton to Galena, IL.  Upon our arrival our “Red Neck Yacht Club” boater buddies celebrated our arrival home with champagne, balloons, welcoming home signs, dinner and huge hugs.  We actually rafted off with them one extra night before heading to the harbor where we were greeted again by more boater friends.  There is no place like home.  Being away for over a year has made us realize how much we love all of our family, friends, neighbors and home.  Now we have met the best of the boating community – Loopers – you are now also included as a lifelong friend of Marc & Michele.  You thought we were gone from you – no (sorry if already celebrated our departure) – once a friend, always a friend and we will see you again (& we expect champagne, balloons, signs and at a least a huge hug).

And a Special Thank You to Everyone who took the time to join us on our Great Adventure by reading our "Ship’s Log” – God Bless You and Keep You Safe.

We are sorry announcing (but we are glad to be home) that this is:


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