Marc's Ark Marc & Michele McCoy

Our Great Loop Adventure 

Marc's Ark finds gold - burgee!

After starting our adventure with tears, appropriately Marc, Michele (McCoy) & the Marc’sArk crossed our wake also with tears on Labor Day September, 3rd, 2012 at mile marker 0 (zero) where the Illinois River ever so gracefully flows into the Mighty Mississippi River.  We must now decide if we will turn right to travel north the 350 miles to our home port of Galena, IL and return from Never-Never Land. 

 “Sometimes good times have to end for better times to happen.”  

 We have been in the Eastern US & Canadian best marinas (working Wi-Fi and 3 washer/dryers) and the worst marinas (no Wi-Fi or laundry); but discovered all have one common element, the best people in the world – boaters!  We have eaten our way around the Great Loop enjoying fish, oysters, lobster, clams, fried everything, ice cream, carrot cake, fudge and we have loved cookies in every part of the Great Loop learning “Southern Hospitality” is alive and well all along the blue highway.

Maybe not as importantly, we have also learned;

If you think it is a bug – IT IS! 

Salt rusts, but no spiders –  No salt & you have spider poop. 

2 to 4 foot means 4 to 6. 

Wind or current never helps you into your slip.

Floating docks rock!

A clean boat does not exist no matter how hard you try. 

The loop does have a scheduler – weather.

Running aground is bad, but running aground in the Georgian Bay is a “terrible horrible no good very bad day”.

Loonies & toonies are neat, but to a Looper a quarter is Pirate’s Gold.

You can never take enough pictures of a sunrise or sunset.

Docktails = “Life is Good!”

We promise to be harbor hosts for the Galena River (only because we know no one will ever come) – please consider voting for us next year as harbor hosts of the year.

 Seriously - Thank you! – We love you.

 “All ya’all” are our Great Adventure and our best friends for ever.  Never goodbye, but “see you down the waterway”.

With a glass of Champagne, we toast our Gold burgee, saying:

 “There are wood ships, steel ships, and fiberglass ships,

Ships that sail the sea,

But the best ships

Are friendships?

And may that always be!”

God Bless You!

Current Blog Article: Marc's Ark finds gold - burgee!


We saw the Ark cruising up through Pool 12 Saturday night as we dined at Spruce Harbor. You saw many sites, but your home pool has got to be one of the best. Good to see you back safe and sound. We have followed you all the way on your website. Good times were had by all. Thanks for sharing.

 Chas & Kathy Marsden  9/11/2012


I'll miss checking on your adventures - I've enjoyed your entries Marc and the pictures. Happy that you are almost home safe and sound and "better for the wear"! What a great dream you had of your trip and what a blessing you were able to fullfil it. I look forward to seeing you the next time I visit Galena. Love to you both!! Caran

 Caran  9/8/2012


We'll miss your log and adventures. So glad you crossed your wake and had such a wonderful trip. We enjoyed meeting you in Cape May. Seriously, if travels (car, boat or plane) take you to Daytona in the winter or RI in the summer, we hope you will contact us. Our best,

 linda and ed thorn  9/8/2012


Congrats guys ... we had some awesome times traveling with you and will always remember the friends we made doing it. Take care and stay in touch. Ricki and Carl M/V Quest

 unknown  9/6/2012


Congrats to two great people and friends. We will miss reading about your daily travels and living vicariously through your adventures, but we will be glad to have you back with us on The Mighty Miss. John will miss calling you. Glad that you could have this experience.

 Pam and John Short  9/5/2012


Congratulations Marc and Michelle on a job well done. We truly enjoyed the time spent with you both while traveling up the Chesapeake. Lynda still chuckles when she comes across the picture of Marc's smiling face with that large plate of crabs in Crisfield. Safe travels to you in the future, and be sure to give us a call if you make it back to the Ft. Myers/Cape Coral area. We will be there in another month and a half and you are most welcome! Love you both, Bob and Lynda m/v Erika Lin Lying Mystic,

 unknown  9/4/2012


Congratulations to both of you! It was great to be part of your Loop travels when you were in Canada. We look forward to seeing you in Florida (with or without Marc's Ark lol) this winter. Your Canadian friends always, Bruce and Anne M/V Happy Hour Sitting in Georgian Bay Canada

 unknown  9/4/2012


Marc and Michelle, so sad to see it end, I have enjoyed following you often over the past year, we just missed you on the Illinois, we left Alton on Friday the 31st as Isaac was threatening to bring rain, we took the train to Chicago and drove our trucks back Thursday, loaded up Friday and hauled home to Terre Haute, IN, sorry we missed you. May God continue to bless and keep you. Bob and Deb Williams

 Bob Williams  9/4/2012