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Our Great Loop Adventure 

Tall Timbers Marina, Havana, IL

We departed Peoria early (Blue Moon today) making our way diagonally on the industrial (but full of wildlife) Illinois River through the Peoria Lock and Dam across the state to where the river eventually joins the Upper Mississippi River.  Leaving the harbor the Asian Carp were jumping and one landed in our dinghy.  I had caught my first fish of the trip.  We have seen the Asian Carp jumping everyday on the Illinois River.  Today we traveled to mile marker 120 (120 miles to the Mississippi) to Tall Timbers Marina, Havana, IL located in a small basin that was difficult to see when going downstream.  Havana is only three blocks from the Marina.  When we purchased the Ark in 2006 and traveled down the Illinois River, this was our favorite small marina and it still is today.  The remnants of Hurricane Isaac will hold us here for at least an extra day if not two .  The marina was serving “Hurricane Drinks” (beer with food coloring & a cocktail umbrella) to celebrate the much needed rain.  I am with the one I love, so another day is okay.

Saturday - Hurricane Isaac

We held over at Tall Timbers Marina, Havana, IL for another day waiting out the weather.  After doing the first of the month boat choirs, we attended mass at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, dined at the Townhouse and then enjoyed the “Gin Pot” with the Tall Timbers’ boaters.

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