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Our Great Loop Adventure 

Peoria, IL

The Lock Master told us to come on down to the Starved Rock Lock, but when we arrived we had to hold for a Corps of Engineer Boat – just because the Lock Master works for Corps – smart man.  We did follow the work boat into the Lock.

 We then traveled to Eastport Marina (the water is a little skinny here), East Peoria, IL to meet one of our wedding groomsmen Andy Bussan and his wife Beth.  Andy is a best high school, college and thereafter friend and the best decision he ever made was Beth – or did Beth choose Andy – either way it worked out great!  They took us to dinner, brought us fruit, Galena beer and the Galena Gazette in a McCoy Insurance Services envelope.  What more could a homesick couple desire.  We had the best time catching up and enjoying the Blue Moon eve and Peoria’s evening skyline.

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Hi....Loved the Peoria blog entry...:) We loved seeing you, too. Enjoy the rest of you voyage!!! ...Hope to see you in Galena sometime!!! Beth and Andy

 unknown  9/3/2012